Yucatan is one of the most interesting places in Mexico that is worth visiting. This region is famous for its ancient history of the lost Mayan civilization, beautiful cities, rich culture, and unique nature. If you want to ride motorcycles around Yucatan, you definitely should do it.

On Sunday, May 21, we, a group of friends, set out to explore the secluded non-tourist places of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Since the company was gathering not only from Cancun but also from Playa Del Carmen, it was decided to meet on neutral territory in Puerto Morelos.

In the morning, after buying water for the road at Chedraui supermarket and filling up the tanks at the nearest Pemex gas station, we headed out for an adventure.

If you want to explore Yucatan on a motorcycle, you should choose one of our routes, for example, the one we took that day.

Leona Vicario.

Leona Vicario is a small town located on the road from Cancun to Merida. Here you can stop for a short break, take photos, observe the local color, and rest a bit. It’s interesting to see Mayan ladies riding around on motorized rickshaws, called tuk-tuks. By the way, this local village was named after Leona Vicario, the wife of the political figure Quintana Roo. In his honor, the state of Mexico, which is home to Cancun, was named.

Cenote Actunsot.

Cenote Actunsot is a unique place worth visiting in Yucatan. It is a lake located inside a cave and has crystal clear water. Here you can swim, snorkel, and jump from high cliffs. This cenote is off the beaten tourist paths, so there are few people here, and almost always from the local villages.

Our motorcycle trip around Yucatan was unforgettable. We had a great time, enjoyed the beautiful views, local cuisine, and the hospitality of the locals. Especially memorable were our swims and jumps in the Cenote Actunsot and the stop in Leona Vicario. If you want to explore Yucatan on a motorcycle, be sure to choose this route and go on an adventure!

Total motorcycle mileage from Cancun: 305 km

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