This Sunday, June 4th, was an amazing and unforgettable motorcycle ride through Mexico from Cancun and Playa Del Carmen to the town of Tizimin. A great and fun company gathered for this motorcycle rally. It was full of extreme and active recreation. But more on that below…

Part one.

– Where are you off to, Mr. Baggins?

– Not now! I’m running late!

– And where to?

– I’m off to an adventure!

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

As per tradition, we set the meeting for 9:00 AM in Puerto Morelos, located halfway from Cancun to Playa Del Carmen. Also, some guys were joining us on the route in the town of Kantunilkin. We agreed to meet them at 9:40 and, if necessary, wait for each other at the arch at the entrance to this non-touristy town of Yucatan.

Everyone was excited about the motorcycle trip and geared up for the ride. Some had rented bikes in advance, some wanted to return after dark, others were planning to stay overnight. Some were looking to sleep in longer, while others were signing up for such an adventure for the first time. But we all found ourselves together that day. And we all had an exciting motorcycle ride and fascinating adventures ahead of us!

Part two.
The spirits of the Mayan Indians.

Finally, we set off in a convoy along the planned route and soon arrived at the designated point in Kantunilkin.

Here, in the central park, we shared various stories for a long time, had a cup of coffee, and grabbed some food from street vendors. After discussing the further plan, we decided not to go to the tourist pyramids but to visit a lost Mayan Indian settlement not yet touched by tour groups. Said and done!

Making our way through the dirt roads through the jungles of Yucatan, we finally found the ruins of the ancient civilization where the ancestors of the local population lived in stone pyramids.

Opening the gate made of branches, we stepped onto the land where, 1400 years ago, people were beheaded and hearts were cut out with a jade knife in glory of the gods. Good thing the spirits don’t have a physical impact, or we would have been ideal victims for the god of rain, the sun, or the feathered serpent Kukulkan.

But there is genuinely something mythically unique about this place. Everywhere, the Mayan god Chaac seems to be watching you from the fresco ornaments, observing the arrival of strangers.

After giving a short tour of the Mayan civilization history to my friends and thanking the god Chaac, our motorcycle convoy headed towards the town of Tizimin.

In the center, we found a cozy restaurant with a beautiful courtyard and an air-conditioned room. Here they serve exquisite traditional Yucatecan cuisine at pleasant prices. The average price in this restaurant is significantly lower than in Cancun, and the service quality, presentation, and food are of a high standard.

Satisfied, we headed to swim in the cenote Xcanche. Arriving an hour before closing, this cenote was almost at our disposal. Besides us, there was only one French couple. Here you can swim or jump from a rope swing. The cenote is about 30 meters deep, and these unique underground lakes in Yucatan have been formed here over 65 million years since a meteorite fell on our earth. And if you’re looking for active motorcycle recreation in Cancun, visiting cenotes should definitely be included in your itinerary.

Everything was perfect, but on the approach to the cenote, our friends on the Harley Davidson heard the first alarm bell… more precisely, the starter clicks when starting the engine.

Part three.
Adventures are just continuous troubles, only for some reason, they are interesting to remember later…

It’s already close to sunset, we’re riding through the secluded villages of Yucatan, beautiful landscapes, and the soft light of the setting sun. The perfect time to make an excellent video. We set the camera on the roadside to ride past it beautifully. But at this point, our Harley threw us a surprise — it wouldn’t start. The guys pushed the bike a lot and started it with a push. Great, probably the starter issue, we shot the video and moved on.

But not far, to the village of Yalcoba. Here, our friends’ Harley stopped dead and wasn’t going any further. Evening, Sunday, we’re in a village where such motorcycles are only seen in American movies. We needed to do something.

We found a motorcycle service that was already closing. But the guys were very responsive. Of course, they had nothing for the Harley, but they provided us with tools and a place in the garage, then went home themselves. They even had a battery charger. Of course, under the owner’s supervision, he was nearby in his shop. After an hour and a half, we drove off on our own, cheering.

The generator was dying, but not immediately. We didn’t ride very long.

Somewhere in Mexico in complete darkness, we stopped again. The nearest settlement is 30 km away. We decided to tow the motorcycle there.

But luckily, it was already the tourist village of Coba, where we left the guys in a hotel until morning, and we reached our homes in Cancun and Playa Del Carmen well past midnight.

That day we covered 530 km across the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

Do adventures ever end? Apparently, they don’t. Someone always has to continue the story.

The next morning, our friends called a tow truck and successfully took the motorcycle to a service in Cancun.

The adventure ended there, but not our stories and joint motorcycle rides through Mexico!

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