This Sunday, June 25th, we have another motorcycle rally in our Rider Club, as we call it, a motorcycle circle. This time we are heading to scout a lagoon that local Mexican guys from an enduro club often visit. We plan to have a picnic on the shore of a Mexican lake.

I learned about this club from our friend who gave me a link to their group on social media. After chatting with them, they didn’t want to give up this place easily. Analyzing the composition of their members, the presence of motorcycles in Mexico, the satellite map, photos, and reviews on Google Maps of various lagoons within a 100 km radius from Playa Del Carmen, I concluded that I know this place. And that’s what we are about to check…

Great, the gathering is again in Puerto Morelos, and this time we have new participants. It’s always nice that there’s interest in the moto theme in Cancun, and joint motorcycle rallies with new guys mean new acquaintances and interesting stories on the road.

So, we set off as a group on motorcycles to scout the supposed lagoon.

After 30 minutes, we stopped in Leona Vicario, had a couple of lime and pepper ice creams, took a group photo, and we were on our way to our main goal.

Near the lagoon, we decided to pick up some fruits at a local shop to organize a picnic on the shore of the Mexican lake. We grabbed exotic tropical fruits (a line for you if you’re reading from a northern country, for us it’s just common food), and were about to head further. But unexpectedly, in this village, we met a local woman who cooks the most delicious charcoal meat. Oh yes, now we were fully stocked for the picnic.

The lagoon turned out to be an unusual place for Yucatan. Essentially, it’s a huge open cenote with a diameter of 200 meters. The water is fresh, clear, and warmer than in cenotes due to the large open surface heated by the sun. There are palapas (straw roofs), toilets, showers, and even kayak rentals. Basically, minimal service for a comfortable countryside rest.

This Sunday, there were quite a few people from the neighboring village, clearly celebrating some religious holiday, as one group. But after talking to the security, they said that on weekdays, there’s practically no one here.

Good to know. But in any case, we had a great time in good company, ate delicious meat, and swam in a beautiful Yucatan lake.

The total motorcycle mileage from Cancun was 200 km.

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