This Sunday, August 6th, we embarked on a motorcycle journey towards the Mexican Gulf to the El Cuyo spit. This area is seen as having potential for tourism development, comparable to Holbox, Isla Blanca, or Isla Mujeres. However, this area is remote from Cancun, and thus it still retains the charm of a fishing village, albeit with designated plots where houses and even small hotels have been built for weekend rentals. This place could be likened to Mahahual.

This time we had a small group, so we planned to make short stops to enjoy riding around the El Cuyo spit more.

We started by gathering, refueling the bikes, buying water, and then hitting the road. Following tradition, we rode through our usual spot where they cook delicious ribs on coals and bought some so we wouldn’t have to look for food on the spit itself.

A few kilometers in, we encountered a local guy on a motorcycle, signaling from the roadside. After stopping, we found out that the splines on his drive sprocket were stripped, making it very difficult to repair on the road. The nearest village where he lived was 10 km away. Fortunately, his bike wasn’t heavy, and by pushing with one foot on the rear footrest, we quickly helped him get home and continued our journey to El Cuyo.

A causeway that acts like a bridge across the lagoon separating the spit from the mainland makes it accessible to El Cuyo by road, which is another advantage when considering the best places for motorcycle rides in Mexico’s Yucatan. Moreover, by turning left on the spit, one can reach Las Coloradas via a dirt road with off-road elements, where the famous pink lakes of Yucatan are located. However, unless specifically wanting to go off-road, I wouldn’t recommend this route to get there. A better route is through Tizimin and Rio Lagartos.

So, we arrived at the spit. Turning left and after about 10 kilometers, we reached a deserted beach where we had a small picnic on the shore of the Mexican Gulf. After lunch, we decided to return to the village and ride our motorcycles around it. We visited the port. As typical for a fishing spot, there were lots of parked boats, an ice-making factory, and a fish collection point with large scales.

But the center is apparently different. Here, local tourists from Merida and Cancun, who spend their weekends in places like El Cuyo, mingle. There are also foreigners, but they are significantly fewer.

After hanging out with the locals and riding around the tourist part of the spit, we headed back, as we still had the return journey to Cancun ahead of us.

The total motorcycle mileage for the day was 400 km.

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