Now, in the middle of summer in Mexico, its Caribbean coast is experiencing abnormally hot weather. The peak daytime temperature in the shade reaches +35 degrees Celsius. At noon, the asphalt heats up, and the heat from it is like from a barbecue. In such weather, I believe the best option for motorcycle rallies is to explore new cenotes of Yucatan on motorcycles from Cancun. And that’s what we’ll do. We’ll leave the archaeology and other Mexican perks for next time.

In the morning of July 16th, we set out from Cancun and met with friends from Playa Del Carmen in Puerto Morelos. Today’s goal is a cenote near the Mexican Gulf.

When I plan our upcoming route, I take into account many factors. Weather conditions, total mileage, stops along the way, scenic road sections, things to see, visiting costs, where to eat, and much more.

Maybe it remains unnoticed for the guys, but that’s how it should be. All preparation should stay behind the scenes, and on the day of the trip, we should only enjoy the rest. Right now, for instance. There are many cenotes near Cancun, but all of them are touristy, always crowded, and the cost of visiting such cenotes is always inflated. Moreover, our main goal is still the fact of riding motorcycles through Mexico. Not like most motorcycle clubs here do — go to some organized point 20 km from the city, hold a fest, and disperse. Our format is motorcycle traveling. Therefore, the cenote should be at a distance maximally comfortable for a one-day motorcycle rally, convenient, beautiful, and not crowded. And the road to it should be interesting.

That day we decided to explore such cenotes of Yucatan on motorcycles from Cancun. And as I believe, we quite succeeded!

If you plan motorcycle trips in Mexico, join us on our next trips, you’ll like it!

The total motorcycle mileage from Cancun that day was 300 km.

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